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This is the art of foretelling the future. It has existed in many forms and in all civilisations. Practitioners of divination has over the years fallen upon prophets, shamans, witches, witch doctors, psychics, medicine men or persons who are said to have supernatural powers. Skilled diviners use their intuition and some argue an understanding of human psychology, it may not always come in the form of a prediction but also as advice given to highlight problems that may be being encountered. It is true to say that in every civilisation to date that there has always been some form of divination. Over the centuries most royal courts employed Royal diviners and their position was only held according to their accuracy.

There is no hard fast rule as to how people can foretell the future and many scientist would argue that there is no scientific proof to support such claims. Centuries have elapsed but we still have many forms of divination being practised, some people still practise water/treasure Divining using tree branches. Although Mystical-www would be the first to suggest that not all diviners of the future are genuine. Always remember the saying, "all that glitters is not gold".

Some of the most popular known forms of divination are Tarot Cards, Runes, I Ching, Mah Jonng, Crystal Ball Gazing, Scrying, Astrology although there are many forms of divination around the world.

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