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The concept that there are entities that exist outside our known scientific world can come in a variety of forms, children, men, women, animals, well-behaved, mischievous, attention seeking, help seeking and guidance-giving.

The one sort of ghost that everyone is aware of is the "Poltergeist" taken from the German poltern "to knock" and geist "spirit" also translated to noisy ghost. These type of ghosts have had more horror films made about them than any other. Sometimes believed to be caused by people that once lived or, by subconscious psychokinesis (PK), the later of these instances tend to be based around people going through puberty and in many instances have been connected with girls rather than boys. Most cases of poltergeist activity have been linked to a person acting as a sort of access point/magnet who seems to attract the activities in particular places.

Parapsychologists A. Gauld & A. D. Cornell collated recorded information about poltergeist activity from 1800 up until the late 1970's. They identified 63 different characteristics regarding poltergeists in which 64% were associated with the movement of objects.

Generally many ghosts appear unaffected by the modern world, in the form of people walking along corridors, churches, ruins, pubs etc. There are many books written telling of some of the numerous stories and listing places to visit if you are in search of the unusual. If you ever find yourself wishing to spend time at a haunted house/Inn/hotel there are many places that run haunted guides around towns and cities, if you wish to pursue it even further then try contacting a local or national Paranormal Investigation team. Most of this section of this topic area is taken with kind permission from the late Andrew Green from his book "Ghosts of Today" along with further writings from the Mystic's personal archives. Select a number in the area of the map that you want to explore.

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