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Time Out

The only thing that should be remembered during all this technological development is that we should never lose the ability to tell the time approximately by natural means and the powers of deduction without requiring crutches to lean on.

From the Mystic's point of view, time is and will now continue to be, dictated by computerised equipment which relies on the oscillation of frequencies in silicon chip technology. Computers, we have found, already have challenged our lack of forethought in their design development, with continual revisions, and, as we found in 1999 industry and commerce worried about the advent of 31 December 1999, What would the computers globally decide was the date as we moved into a new century, as the computer only read the last two digits in their internal time chips. Would it be 1 January 1900 or will it be 1 January 2000? What would this mean to the economy, to security (as the banks may find their time coded computerised locks of little use), thankfully it all passed with minor problems.

Our concept of TIME and using it together with TECHNOLOGY still has room for radical re-assessment in terms of man's evolutionary thinking regarding our view of the past, our onward journey into the future and our concept of time in relationship to universe. With all this technology a very old 'Earth' proverb comes to mind:-

'Time and tide wait for no man'