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Camlan - aka ‘Camelon’. The Battle of Camlan (See Camlan) has been said to be ‘Arthur’s’ last battle, where he was mortally wounded by ‘Mordred(See Mordred). This battle can be said to have signalled the end of the glorious years of the Arthurian court and the Knights of the Round Table (See Arthur).

Camlan is then the inferred location not only of Arthur’s death but also where most of the legendary ‘Knights of the Round Table’ were killed. There are many places that are reputed to be the location of his last battle. Some believe the battle took place at Camelford, Somerset (UK) although Cambogianna aka Birdoswald and a place called Slaughter Bridge in Cornwall (UK) are also named as other contenders. Unfortunately we will probably never really know now, as many old texts have been lost and later texts are merely interpretations and/or corruption’s of the original writings and/or legends.