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Christmas Love

This is a time of year when many traditions are associated with positive energies, the beginning of friendships and the chance to start afresh. Love is one of the emotions that is sure to blossom at this happy time.

It is said that if a girl is hoping to discover the identity of her future husband by walking backwards towards a pear tree will be the first step to her happiness. She must then continue to walk around it backwards nine times. The girl will then see the image of her future partner appear before her.

Tapping on the roof of a hen coup and then listening to the sound that comes from within is said to reveal whether a girl will marry that year; if the cockerel crows she will marry within the next year, but if the hen replies the girl will have to be a little bit more patient.

By throwing twelve sage leaves up into the air, that have been collected on Christmas Eve, a woman will see the image of her future partner.

If a girl wishes to know the identity of her future husband it is said that to sleep with her feet on the pillow on St. Thomas’s Night, 21 December, will ensure that she will dream of him.

For those who want to know whether a love already shared will continue to grow and be a true love, action is required earlier in the year. A rose should be plucked on Midsummer Day, June 21, and then gently wrapped in tissue paper. If the rose is still fresh on Christmas Eve the love that the person has for a partner will remain as fresh as the rose itself, and it will be reciprocated.