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Robert Wace

Born in c.AD1115. As Robert Wace was born in Jersey, he is considered French, an Anglo-Norman poet.

He studied in Paris, France, and is known for compiling three major works;

1. The lives of Saints written in verse;
2. ‘Roman de Brut’ or ‘Brut d’Angleterre’ (AD1155);
3. ‘Roman de Rou’, An epic on the Dukes of Normandy.

Roman de Brut was later used by many French writers including Chretien de Troyes, and is believed to have drawn largely on the work of Geoffrey of Monmouth, namely the Historia Regum Britanniae. Wace’s work is considered to be a version of Arthurian legend that contains Norman-French sympathies and is altogether freer in style.

Wace is known to have developed Arthurian legend drawing on Geoffrey’s work leading to three new developments;
1. A development of the known concept of the ‘Round Table’ with ancient Celtic meeting traditions;
2. Providing the new name of ‘Excalibur’ to Arthur’s sword;
3. Celtic associations made with the ‘Round Table’ amalgamated with the concept of Christian Knights, which would lead to the ‘Knights of  the Round Table’.

Robert Wace is known to have been a Canon of Bayeux during AD1160-70, and to have died c.AD1183.