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Alternative 3

The main question about this theory is whether it is fact, fiction or urban myth. This story/report is gaining popular support amongst the Conspiracy theorists.

On June 20th, 1977 at 9pm, the British Station ITV broadcasted a programme called, Alternative 3. It offered the theory that many people, mainly highly intelligent physicists, chemists and biologists where supposedly given jobs in other countries. However, after taking these positions they simply vanished off the face of the Earth.

The programme claimed that the disappearances were due to an international conspiracy between the British, American and Russian governments. The conspiracy involved the shipping of all so-called "useful" people to a secret hideout on Mars. The theory being, that the damage to the ozone layer and environment was so great that the world was doomed, there the governments set up this hideout to allow these highly intelligent people to survive the oncoming disaster.

The programme was attacked for scare mongering and immediately deemed a hoax by Anglia Television.

Shortly after the programme was made a book called Alternative 3 by Leslie Watkins and David Ambrose was released. (ISBN 0-7221-1126-6) This book stated that the programme was actually factual and gave even more stories about battles taking place on the Moon and mass abductions of people to act as slaves for the "chosen few" on Mars.

Mystical World Wide Web research has shown that Anglia Television do actually still have a copy of the programme in the Library department. It is however, stored not under documentary but under drama. Therefore it can be concluded that Anglia class the programme as a fictional piece of work, although some die hard supporters would say that this means that it is a drama based on facts. Here at Mystical World Wide Web we feel if there was any truth in the claims then enough people would now be asking to many questions!


If you are still interested to explore further have a look at this Lecture by Captain Bill Roberts.

A transcription of a lecture given by Captain Bill Roberts in 1990.