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Big Cats

In recent years the British Press has been filled with stories of so-called "Big Cats" roaming the length and breadth of Britain. However, still no concrete evidence exists that these creatures are running free around the British Countryside. Various blurred or distant pictures have been released but none show anything truly remarkable. Reports of mutilated cattle are blamed on these Big Cats, (Along with aliens and Black Magic Rituals). In all circumstances of sightings the local police always seem to contact local zoos asking if any of it's animals have escaped and the zoo usually replies with a negative response. Although it is appreciated that many people truly believe that they have seen something that resembles a Big Cat.

Therefore, until concrete evidence is shown Big Cats must surely remain a case of mistaken identity or placed into the realms of Urban Myth.

In the tradition of Mystical-WWW, we would most happily accept evidence which proves to the contrary. (Good quality pictures or film, please.)

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