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Rhymes and Times


Days & Rhymes’


Traditional English Saturday Rhyme

‘A man lost his wife on a Saturday night,
and where do you think he found her?
Away in the sky, flying so high,
with the stars and the moon all around her.’


‘When to have a hair cut!’
(Traditional English, UK)

‘Best never enjoyed if Sunday shorn,
And likewise leave out Monday.
Cut Thursday and you’ll never grow rich,
Likewise on a Saturday.
But live long if shorn on a Tuesday
And best of all is Friday.


‘The Weather’

A old European belief tells of the significance of thunder sounding on a particular day of the week seen in the following:

Sunday was an omen of death of a learned man, judge or writer
Monday was the death of women
Tuesday was the sign of plenty of grain
Wednesday was the death of harlots or news of bloodshed
Thursday plenty of sheep, cattle and corn
Friday the death of some great man or a great battle
Saturday forebode pestilence or sickness/illness.’


‘British (UK) Traditional Rhyme’

‘Thunder in the morning,
All day storming;
Thunder at night,
Is a sailors delight.’


‘USA Traditional Rhyme’

‘When dew is on the grass,
Rain will never come to pass.
When grass is dry at morning light,
Look for rain before the night.’


‘The Best Day to Marry’
(Traditional Rhyme UK)

‘Monday for wealth,
Tuesday for health,
Wednesday best day of all,
Thursday for losses,
Friday for crosses,
And Saturday no luck at all.’


‘When to buy an engagement ring’

There is an old American belief as to what is in store for a couple who intend to marry. This can be affected by the day upon which the they buy the ring (thankfully they are all good outcomes):

A busy and exciting life.

A peaceful and contented life.

A good tempered relationship.

Attainment of all you wish.

Hard work but reward in time.

 Will give you life with much pleasure.

Traditionally this day was a time when shops were closed
therefore advice does not currently exist.


‘Birth & Days of the Week’

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go;
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
But the child that is born on the Sabbath-day
Is bonny and blithe, good and gay.’


‘Days of the Week & Sneezing’

If you sneeze on Monday, you sneeze for danger;
Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger;
Sneeze on Wednesday, sneeze for a letter;
Sneeze on Thursday, something better;
Sneeze on Friday, sneeze for sorrow;
Sneeze on Saturday, see your sweetheart tomorrow.’


‘British (UK) on Swimming’
(there are variations)

‘He who bathes in May will soon be laid in clay
He who bathes in June will sing a merry tune
But he who bathes in July will dance like a fly.’


‘The Best Month to Marry’
(Traditional Rhyme UK)

‘Married in January’s hoar and rime,
Windowed you’ll be before your time.
Married in February’s sleepy weather,
Life you’ll tread in time together.
Married when March winds shrill and roar,
Your home will be on a distant shore.
Married beneath April’s changing skies,
A chequered path before you lies.
Married when bees over May blossom flit,
Strangers around your board will sit.
Married in the month of roses-June,
Life will be one long honeymoon.
Married in July with flowers ablaze,
Bittersweet memories on after days.
Married in August’s heat and drowse,
Lover and friend in your chosen spouse.
Married in September’s golden glow,
Smooth and serene your life will go.
Married when leaves in October thin,
Toil and hardship for you gain.
Married in veils of November mist,
Fortune your wedding ring has kissed.
Married in days of December cheer,
Love’s star shines brighter from year to year.’


‘Traditional May Day Rhyme’
(1 May : Oxfordshire, (UK). 

‘Good morning, missus and amster,
I wish you a happy day,
Please to smell my garland
Because it’s the first of May.’


‘Traditional Portent for the Bride’

‘Sweep the house with  blossomed bloom in May
You’ll sweep the head of the house away.’


(Traditional Poem)

No sun - no moon!
No morn - no noon,
No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day.
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member -
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds!-November!’



The following flowers are closely associated to the month, and in some cases also have connections to the zodiac. On the whole each flower is identified in its most prolific time of flowering, so the Language of Flowers also offers a seasonal calendar view of the garden. It has long been thought that the flower identified with the month of your own birthday will bring good fortune.

Some of these flowers are currently listed in Mystical-WWW Plants, with an update coming soon so make a note of the page details.

The Team welcomes all submissions and sharing of experience. 

                             January                        Carnation & Snowdrop

                             February                      Primrose

                             March                           Daffodil

                             April                             Daisy

                             May                               Lily of the Valley

                             June                              Rose

                             July                               Water Lily

                             August                          Gladioli

                             September                    Aster

                             October                         Dahlia

                             November                     Chrysanthemum

                             December                     Holly 

Want to read more about the Mystical Plants and Flowers?



Gems have been used throughout history to promote spiritual and physical well being, whilst also been seen to be profitable investments or a sign of affection. The use of stones in crystal healing has increased during recent years with many of the beliefs traceable to ancient Egyptian times.

The following gem language is given as a starting point only, with each being seen to ultimately being good fortune to the wearer, or by implication to the month in which an individual is born. An update of this section will be coming soon so make a note of the page details.

We welcome all submissions and sharing of experience. 


Said to ward off depression and treat arthritis, anaemia, and when green, for sinus ailments eye sight and soreness of the breast. The Garnet was extremely popular with the Victorians and is the main stone related to Aquarius, but Amber, Amazonite and Hematite can be found to provide healing functions for those born in this month too, the Capricorn and the Aquarian.
For Capricorn the Diamond will bring confidence in personal abilities in this month with the White Sapphire providing much needed support in work, and the Falcon’s Eye providing that creative spark.


Amethyst & Aquamarine
The Amethyst protects from accidents, excess and disease, and used to treat upper and middle back pain, diabetes and fatigue. Preserves affection. The Holy Grail was believed to be made from this stone whilst the Aquamarine promotes examination of the ‘life-force’ within the wearer, often used for the Egyptian Eye of Horus to promote inner vision. The Aquamarine is used to treat laryngitis, nerves, hypoglycaemia, menstruation, constipation, asthma and anorexia.
Jade, Pearl, and the White Opal
can provide healing functions for those born in this month too.
The Amethyst also is closely associated with the house of Pisces.
The Aquamarine has close associations with the house of Aquarius and in this month brings emotional release whilst the Amazonite brings inspiration, and Amber will soothe anxiety.


Used to treat many conditions and illnesses including lower back pain, anaemia, baldness, diabetes and blood pressure.
The Diamond, the Ruby, the Emerald and the Amethyst bring healing functions for those born in this month in the house of Aries.
The White Opal brings strength to visions and ideas, Jade calms fears, Pearl brings consolation and the Amethyst will bring protection from illness for Pisces in this month.


Symbolic of love and affection, strength in men and pride in women. Believed to ensure longevity and protection against mental illness in ancient times. Once known as the Philosopher’s Stone by alchemists. This is the stone most closely associated with the house of Aries. The Diamond brings confidence, the Emerald aids communication and the Amethyst will alleviate headaches in this month for the Aries.


Once believed to ensure fertility, symbolic of resurrection, indicates inner vision. Egyptian Eye of Horus often portrayed with this stone. In ancient Egypt the Emerald symbolised resurrection and reincarnation. Reputed to protect against eye infections, stress and diseases of the blood. Once used like the Turquoise to promote passion and arousal. The Emerald is the stone most closely associated
with the house of Taurus. Here the Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli bring further positive qualities of imagination inspired and strengthens action.
The house of Gemini lays claim on the end of the month and is associated with the Citrine, Amber, and Tourmaline.


Pearl & Agate
Pearl engagement rings can bring misfortune due to the changing energies of the moon upon the person, but embodies feminine innocence, purity and sweetness. Agate reputed to ward of negative energies, and once believed to provide invisibility.
Agate used as an aid to water divining.
The Agate has close associations with the house of Gemini and at this time the Citrine, Amber and the Tourmaline are important for Gemini Communication, imagination and concentration are aided here by these three stones.


Ruby & Moonstone
Changes of colour in a Ruby said to indicate the health of the wearer, and channel energy. The stone has also been used to treat headaches. Moonstone was believed to cure lunacy, yet could also bring mixed fortune due to its associations with the changing forces of the moon upon the wearer.
The Moonstone and the Pearl have close associations
with the house of Cancer which also brings the Peridot.
Associations with the Yellow Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, Ruby, and Milky Yellow Amber are important for those born in the house of Leo in this month. Relief from inner stress, received vitality, strengthening of the heart and a firm base of thought are provided by these stones.


Said to provide courage and protection against attack, and drive out sadness. The name of the stone translates as ‘conjugal felicity’.
The Ruby has close associations with the house of Leo in this month.
Virgo brings associations of Amethyst, Carnelian, Pyrite to this month.
Freedom from worry, stress, and the strengthening of energies are provided here by these stones.


Considered to be a stone which brings wisdom and strengthens intuition encouraging depth of thought. Also seen as a protection against negative forces. Has been used to treat headaches.
Sardonyx also has close associations with the month of September
as it is the main stone for the house of Virgo as well as Leo. Pyrite is particularly important to Virgo at this time.


Believed to be able to encourage the ‘third eye’, often used by mystic’s. Also known as the ‘stone of hope and justice’.  To be worn with Diamond if not born in this month.
Seen as a stone to indicate health and bring good fortune in the East.
The Opal has close connections with the house of Libra.
The Opal will bring energy and clear decision making in this month for Libra with Jade strengthening the inner self and the ability to understand the impact of one’s actions with care and compassion.


Topaz & Malachite
Topaz brings good fortune symbolising the sun in financial terms and in relationships. Said to promote courage and wisdom. Malachite provides the ability to understand the speech of animals, and promotes spiritual well being in times of depression.
The Topaz and Malachite have close associations
with the house of Scorpio.
The Ruby will bring inner strength this month, and courage, whilst the Garnet will exert balance on passionate whims in the material, spiritual and physical realms. The Carnelian will make sure you keep your feet on the ground at this high point in your year, whilst the Black Pearl will calm anxieties.

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Brings happiness, and prosperous relationships between friends when given as a gift, and can also indicate changes in the health of the wearer. Once used to promote love and arousal! The Diamond, the Falcon’s Eye and the White Sapphire can provide healing functions for those born in the house of Capricorn.
For Sagittarius, the Turquoise brings protection against any form of problem this month, whilst the Amethyst will develop understanding of self and others, and the Citrine providing a channel for communication.