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David Ferrie

David Ferrie deserves a special mention in the land of Conspiracy Theories as he is mentioned and linked to two of the biggest Conspiracy Theories of all time.
The first one is the Assassination of JFK. Ferrie, a former airline pilot, is mentioned as having definite links to the Mafia and possible links to the CIA. In the JFK plot, Ferrie is believed to have organised the initial idea and plan to kill Kennedy and also that one man needs to be sacrificed for it too work. He is supposed to have worked on this plan with Lee Harvey Oswald and Clay Shaw.

In 1966 he became part of the Jim Garrison inquiry which lead to the arrest of Clay Shaw. Garrison discovered that, like Jack Ruby, Oswald's assassin, Ferrie had received large sums of money in the three weeks before the assassination of the President. Garrison planned to arrest Ferrie but on 22 February 1967, Ferrie was found dead. He had left two suicide notes both of them where typed. That and the rather untimely death of Ferrie lead many to believe another conspiracy, even though the inquest in his death declared, "Natural Causes."

Within eight hours of his death, an associate of Ferrie's Eladio del Valle was found dead in Miama. He had been shot at point blank range in the heart and his head had been split open. However, del Valle did have Mafia connections himself and it is unsure whether his death came from the Kennedy assassination or from del Valle crossing the Mob.

Ferrie suffered from cancer for years and this was his link to the second Conspiracy Theory. Namely, how the HIV (Aids) virus travelled from monkey's to humans. The theory goes that Ferrie and some associates were involved in vivisection experiments to cure cancer which were carried out on monkeys. These experiments were then performed on humans. To avoid an outcry the team went to Africa and carried out the tests under cover on African people, (remember this the conspriracy theory). It is then said that they did not properly clean the equipment and this helped the virus to spread into the human population. The economy strained health service in Africa then helped move the virus along at a lethal rate.

Since this article was first published here at Mystical-WWW Scientists have annouced that the first recorded death of a human dieing with HIV was in the late 1950's in the Belgian Congo. As JFK was assasinated in 1962 then the cnspriracy people will have to go back to the drawing board regarding Ferrie and his connection with the HIV virus.

If, Ferrie was involved in either of these plots is open to question. But just the fact that his name appears twice in these two famous conspiracy theories deserves attention.