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Tarot Cards are most commonly connected with fortune telling covering such areas as divination, self help and spiritual growth.

The term "Tarot" is a French word derived from the Italian "tarocchi." Which translates as "Triumphs" or "Trumps." The tarot deck consists of 78 cards broken into two sets. 22 Major Arcana (trumps) and 56 Minor Arcana which in turn consists of 4 suits and so resembles the deck of playing cards we use today. Why not order a Tarot pack for a close friend @ Glastonbury Shop (www.glastonburyshop.com)

Although it is not known about the original purpose of the tarot numerous theories have been made. it is believed that cards called tarot were created by King Charles VI of France in 1392, although a French archaeologist and Egyptologist Antoine Court de Gebelin (1725-1784) put forward a theory in the mid 18th Century that the cards were actually the remnants of ancient Egyptian Esoteric Wisdom which was contained in the mythical "Book of Thoth." Further to this French occultist Eliphas Levi (1810-1875) linked the tarot with the Kabbalah and the Major Arcana with the Hebrew alphabet. In 1910 Arthur Edward Waite believed that the tarot was no older than the 14th Century but their symbols were much older. Waite conceived the infamous Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Since then hundreds of decks have been produced based upon his work.

Similar to the I-Ching the tarot should not be consulted for a definitive yes or no answer. But mearly for guidance, suggestions and reflection on given situations. The Hermetic Kabbalah still draws many students to study this style of divination.

There are hundreds of books written about the subject and concerning a variety of packs available from most libraries and book shops. You are recommend to seek advice from someone with knowledge regarding the pack that would be most useful to yourself. It is a common belief amongst many Tarot practitioners that your first pack should be brought as a gift by someone else.

Why not order a Tarot pack for a close friend @ Glastonbury Shop (www.glastonburyshop.com)