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The ability to find people, artefacts or substances by use of maps, pictures or physically being in a place are currently the most popular applications of Dowsing. Most dowsers use two 'dowsing rods' and/or a pendulum. The rods, traditionally known as 'Wishing Rods', are formed into an L shape and are usually made of copper although the oldest known material was wood, usually forked Hazel branches along with Apple, Beech and Alder. (It is said that metal coat hangers work just as well!). One rod is held in each hand and you have located what it is you are looking for when the rods cross. Get your own pair of Dowsing Rods from Glastonburyshop.com

When using a pendulum most people weight the line with a crystal, or heavy weight. The important thing seems to be the length of the line which the pendulum swings on. In his book, "The Power of The Pendulum," Tom Lethbridge explains his own experiments into pendulum lengths and also his own theories as to how dowsing works. However, what does seem a mystery is how diviners can dowse over a map to find people or substances when the focus of the search can be many kilometres away. Indeed this does suggest some sort of psychic activity.

Dowsing is reported to date back approximately 7000 years but origins are still unknown. It is accepted, however, that the Egyptians used images of forked rods in some of their artwork as did the Ancient Chinese kings. In Europe, it was known for dowsing to be used in the Middle Ages to find coal deposits. Since this time people have dowsed for everything from lost objects to missing people, some of them are reported to be very accurate although the scientific community as a whole have yet to decide if they support or refute this ability. Some people earn money by advising mining companies before they carry out test drilling/core sample.

In 1930's there was a lot of activity in Europe with the formation of 'The British Society of Dowsers'. The term Rasiesthesia was also coined by French priest Alex Bouly based on the Latin words for 'radiation' and 'perception', although the term dowsing has stood the test of time.

In 1986 American dowsers argued that there was a connection between dowsing and astrological links with the element Fire.


DaEl Walker

Dowsing, scientifically known as radioesthesia, is the interaction of the mind of the dowser and the energy of the object of interest. Most dowsing is used to find water and minerals. It has been used to find lost objects, even people. It can be used to dowse the subtle energy field surrounding objects, plants, animals, and people. If we are doing energy healing, we can dowse the body of a patient before and after treatment, and observe any energy changes. If we quantify these results we can reach conclusions about the efficiency of our techniques.

There are hundreds of ways to dowse. The most popular way is using L-rods. These are simply bent wires, which can be pointed in the direction of the area of interest. You can make a simple set of L-rods by getting two metal coat hangers and cutting off the long wires at the bottoms. Bend one end of each at about four inches into a 90 degree L shape. The small end is the handle and the long end is the pointer. Take a plastic soda straw and cut it in half. Place one piece over the smaller end of each L-rod. This will be the sleeve of the handle, which enables the L-rod to swivel freely without being affected by the muscles of the hand. Hold a L-rod in each hand, pointing toward the object to be measured. Be sure the L-rod is horizontal to the ground.

If you want to measure the energy field of a person, make sure they are not holding or wearing any crystals or jewelry. Step back about 3 paces, turn and face them. Hold the L-rods parallel to the ground and pointing toward your subject. In your mind, or out loud, tell yourself what the L-rods are measuring. This is very important. Your mind is very precise. It will measure exactly what you tell it to. "I am measuring the reserve bioenergy field of this body." Focus your attention only on this person. Do not let your mind wander and think of anyone or anything else, or you will affect the results. Walk toward the person, slowly, keeping the L-rods straight and level. When you enter the energy field, the wires will open wide, the left wire going to the left and the right hand wire swinging to the right. Measure the distance between the wires and the body.

Create the healing change. Once again, dowse the body. Step back at least 8 paces, turn and walk toward the body, L-rods parallel and pointing toward the subject. When you reach the energy field of the body the wires will swing open. Measure the distance and compare between the first effort. The difference is the change you made by the healing.

You can use this same method to see if your crystals or jewelry have any effect on a human energy field. Measure the subject with nothing on and then add your object and measure again.
Explore these phenomena. Dowse plants, animals, crystals, trees, and people who touch these objects. This is a fascinating field to enter. For more information about the fascinating subject of dowsing, contact the American Society of Dowsers, Danville, Vermont 05828.
Copyright,1998, DaEl Walker