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Divination Definitions


The word "psychic" is a heading for a variety of different categories that are all linked by the argues connection between the ability of the mind and some unexplained phenomena.
A psychic is a person that can access and mentally interpret information that is given the title Extrasensory Perception (ESP). Some of them are also said to have an ability to affect objects (Psychokinesis/PK) or interpret by means of telepathy what someone else is thinking even when kilometres apart.


Sometimes shortened and pronouced 'Si'.
This is the scientific name given to the testing of the claims of people that they have psychic abilities. it is the twenty third word of the Greek alphabet and was used to title ESP and PK by English psychologists Dr. Robert Thouless and Dr. W. P. Weisner in 1946. Although it is now used to investigate and of the many forms of paranormal activities or happenings. The fundamental existence of these activities according to science still fails to find how or why these phenomena relate to science and human existence, if at all. Some occultists argue that PSI is based upon the very vibration of the universe itself but science still looks for measurable proof of these theories. According to some scientific reports, "Autonomic" (Brain activity/sweat gland activity etc.) increases when a subject is dealing with some psychically conveyed information from another person/place/object etc. If the tests are constantly rerun then a subjects mental and physical activity drops very quickly and so is unable to recreate for science time after time. This is, of course, what science relies upon to perform intensive research and therefore a Catch 22 is created.
Below are just a few of the categories that lay claim to this theory. There are many variations to these abilities which can or do have their own names.


The ability to interpret memories connected with an object or artefact and can even include rooms and buildings. The information that comes through from any one of these things to someone who claims to have this ability can be in the form of any of the senses. For example, it may in the form of a mental picture of a person connected with a room, the happiness of a person who once owned an artefact or the memories of a person who witnessed something happen long ago in a certain place leaving their thoughts in the very surroundings. The word comes from the Greek "Psyche" (Soul) and "Metron" (measure) and was coined by an American Professor, Joseph Buchanan in 1840.

Psychic Questing

The use of psychometry and or Dowsing to track down artefacts/people and places that link with some strange connection of circumstances, unknown to the people involved before the quest began. Usually resulting in the discovery of an untold story. The person credited to have coined the phrase is Andrew Collins in 1984.

Psychic Archaeology

The psychic skill of locating sites or areas that help when setting up and running the digging sites of archaeologists, some very interesting results have been reported but again not always repeatable enough for science to lend support to. Also used for this sort of work is the practise of Dowsing.

Tarot Readers

Many tarot readers claim they have the gift of intuition and they use this to interpret the cards. Intuition is therefore argued by some to also be the ability to receive information by extrasensory means. Achieving this means that the visual pictures on the cards are studied and then referenced to each other to allow the reader to then interpret the cards that have been connected to the inquirer. This is argued by some to also be a form of Psychometry.

Automatic Writing

Believed to be a means of communicating with the spiritual entities. How it works is still a mystery, yet many claim that they have had several people write messages through them by means of automatic writing, and even famous deceased writers, composers and artists have supposedly completed new work using this method.

There are many ways which automatic writing is claimed to be done. A popular version is resting the pen against you hand so that the nib is touching the paper. Then clear your mind. When you next look at the paper you may find that a message has been written. This is argued by some to be nothing more than contacting the subconscious mind.

It must be stated however, that many people do produce amazing works of art or literature while doing automatic writing. Work which is reported to be far above their usual ability. If this is the result of the subconscious mind it could be argued that there is a great artist or composer in anyone of us, trying to get out.