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Used in spells by witches hence it has many names: the 'Devil's Plaything', the Devil's Nettle' and the 'Bad Man's Plaything'!! It was also reputed to provide the wearer with second sight if the leaves were held over the eyes by people from the Western Isles - if you come from Sweden you might agree after you've finished drinking your umpteenth beer made from this plant as it was often used in the brewing plants! It is a hardy perennial with dark green feathery leaves and clusters of pale lilac or white flowers in the summer, and has a fabulous aroma when crushed. It is said to have been used by Achilles to heal the bleeding wounds of the army, hence its other names: 'Staunchweed', 'Herbe Militaris' and 'Soldier's Woundwort'. Recently it has been used to help the formation of scar tissue rejuvenation.