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World Tree of Buddha

Buddhists view the ‘Pippala’ or ‘Acvattha’ trees as being the actual Cosmogonic tree, although some say it may have been a Palm tree. The tree is believed to be the ‘Tree of Ambrosia’, the ‘Tree of the Wise’, the ‘Tree of Perfection’, the ‘Tree of Holiness’ and as a ‘Cloud Tree’. Seen mythologically as a glowing tree of the rarest divine flowers which glistened. The centre of the Buddhist belief focuses on how when Buddha was born. At this time a great flash of light was seen to travel around the world. After this a branch of the Acvattha grew at the centre of the universe.

Buddha is said to have sat under a tree for six years meditating in isolation. Many negative forces approached him. The negative forces took the form of demons that hurled rain, hurricanes, burning darts and darkness at him. Buddha retained control of the tree and sent the demons away. Saving the tree ensured that wisdom and knowledge would survive. It is said that the leaves of the tree are always moving which is believed to signify that the meditations of Buddha continue. The tree is thought to be a ‘Pippala’ (Fiscus religiosa), a sacred tree.

The ‘Kadamba’ tree is also been believed to be the ‘Tree of Buddha’. With brightly coloured orange flowers the Kadamba tree is thought to return lovers.

The ‘Man’g’ushaka’ tree is covered in precious stones which produced the earth and water. Believed to grow in the Buddhist Paradise and sprinkled with water from the ‘Anavatapta’ the tree is a place for meditation.