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Pillar of Ded

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped different deities depending on the location of the home, and it was believed that they would inhabit an object. The god ‘Osiris’, considered to be the ‘lord of eternity’, it is said manifested himself in the form of a pillar made of wood in the village of Dedu. The figure of Osiris is represented as a mummified figure with a pillar on his head. The pillar is called ‘Ded’ and was linked with the resurrection of the dead Osiris. A priest and relatives of Osiris would help the Pharaoh in a feast concerned with the erection of a pillar. Having laid a wooden pillar on the floor, the group would lift up the pillar which was seen as symbolic of the actual moment of Osiris’s resurrection. This pillar later became associated with representing the four pillars which held up the earth. The Ded symbol was always placed around the neck of a royal on death to ensure a safe passage after death.

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