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Co-Existence Tree

As trees were known to be seen as representative of the world itself and its inter-relationship with nature by early man it is not surprising that the Co-existence tree is concerned with the interdependency of all things on Earth as the branches grow up strongly and outwards from one single trunk which represents unity. The roots of the tree represent the need to embrace life and draw life from the earth to survive. The sap of the tree was seen to flow through the tree like blood through the veins and therefore to place things in the tree would enable a healing process to take place for either an animal, human, place or season. (Refer to drinking of the sap of trees to promote healing or dispel evil/poison in many faiths). In many pictures of the tree, cats and birds can be seen sitting side-by-side in harmony, no squabbling and certainly no death. Each is content and the overall systems is in balance.