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In America there are two old love superstitions for young ladies. 1/The young lady should go to a local spring of water at night carrying a lantern. She is then to peer into the water and according to superstition she will see the face of her husband to be.

2/ If the young lady does not like the idea of wandering around in the dark then alternatively she can wait until daylight. She must place a broken egg in a glass when she arrives at the spring. She must then pour some of the fresh water into the glass with the egg. After some time according to superstition she will then see the face of her future husband in the mixture along with any faces of children the couple may have.

Staying with the topic of love then, in England a lady was believed to be able to see her future husband in the candle light reflection of a mirror. She should then throw an apple peel over her shoulder. The initial that it formed when it landed was said to be that of her true loves initial.

Another popular Hallowe'en game was to place a row of hazel nuts along the edge of a hot fire grate. Each nut was then assigned a name. The following rhyme should be spoken by the lady who had assigned the names.
"If you love me pop and fly;
if you hate me, burn and die".

A slight variation of this was if any nuts cracked this indicated a fickle suitor.

If a lady wished to dream of her future husband on Hallowe'en then she could also place her shoes in the shape of a 'T'. The 'T' was believed to be a very potent talisman with connections with the Scandinavian God, 'Thor', the 'T' representing his war hammer. Once she had placed the shoes on the floor she would then have said,
"Hoping this night my true love to see,
I place my shoes in the shape of a T".