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The entire content is copyrighted and you are expected to make clear the author; the editors name; and the site address. If you make any reference to this or any extract. As you can appreciate the research that Mr. Green undertook for such a book should always be acknowledged.

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Request for help
Andrew Green is currently researching for a new book and is keen for anyone to contact him with reports and information regarding hauntings of any sort in the United Kingdom with a special interest in East & West Kent (UK) areas.

We hope you enjoy the contents of this interactive book and would welcome any feedback and/or updates if you would like to email us (subject Green/ghost). If you have researched a series of hauntings then why not make it available on Mystical-WWW, we are keen to record stories of hauntings world wide. Never before has an attempt been made to collate all the most researched hauntings in one resource. Please understand that the facts that you submit are expected to be your own work and supported by some research. Too many times ghost books are written that are merely sensationalised accounts, or at worst, totally fictitious events.