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Welcome to the first time visitor

First Time Visitor?

Welcome to Mystical World Wide Web the original and fastest growing site with a mystical theme. May I take the opportunity to greet you to the world of the mystical. This site is not aimed at replacing or challenging other sites that are linked to the subject of the mystical but merely as a support mechanism for all those people that look upon themselves as students of life or exponents of the definition of the word MYSTIC on the basis of information from the World Wide Web.

As you peruse through the information here on the site then please feedback to us directly if you find any bad links or have information that could be added to any of the articles already here. A lot of the success of the site relies with you the reader for it's development and growth, and aims to build links around the world on a vast array of Mystical subjects. If you have an article that you feel would enhance this site then pleas e email it to us for consideration. If you already have a site, then why not send us one of your own articles? If selected we would install it on our server and automatically place a link at the bottom of the page to your home page or your nominated page. All we ask in return is that you place a return link back to Mystical World Wide Web on your nominated page that has been selected as a link, along with a link from your own favourite links page.

We aim to bring together many sites that already exist and wish to encourage a global discussion and so develop the 'Global Consciousness' (C.Jung). There have over the centuries been many people with incredible ground breaking views. It is really only now, in the new millenium, that these theories can be shared, compared and contrasted with many of the contemporary thinkers, past and present, to develop a global hypothesis by using the Internet giving access to what we call the global village.

The site is a spring-board onto self development for all readers in search of answers to who, why, where, when and how. Readers often return with their own findings, nominated web sites, news reports, comments and questions in order not only to share but to collate information for all the readers of Mystical World Wide Web.

Since the launch (31 October 1996) we have hundreds of different visitors a day many of whom return and submit short articles, information and URL's (web sites). We thank these people for their support and hope to continue to be of service.

It is the policy of Mystical World Wide Web not to automatically publish the email address of anyone who submits us (unless specified) as it has been found many of our readers prefer to remain anonymous.

It must be stated that many people believe the topic of the Mystical automatically refers to Black Magic (highly refuted by Mystical World Wide Web). This is a very narrow view of the whole area of the Mystical World which explores issues as far a field as Science to Art, Stone Circles to Alternative Medicine, Ghosts to Folklore and much more. The fundamental force behind Mystical World Wide Web is that many subjects in the world in which we live do not as yet have all the answers.

"It is a mistake to theorise before we have all the data, one begins to twists facts to suit the theories instead of theories to suit the facts."
Sherlock Holmes, the famous fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Any article that is submitted is expected to be the original work of the person that submits it with a contact email address (which is for our own reference) so that we can clarify any changes that may have to be carried out during editing of the text or HTML programming. All articles when submitted are treated like all academic text and expected to indicate quotes of any other persons that are mentioned in their own article for two reasons. 1/ out of courtesy and 2/ enabling readers of any article to pursue further reading when reference is made to a particular practitioner, theorist or researcher, especially when they may have caused a revolutionary new way of thinking, based upon their own research, which in turn is based upon other peoples work. Many academics are accused of merely regurgitating the same old information in a new language. This is very unfair on all those researchers that spend countless hours in libraries and other research institutions discovering forgotten pieces of text and then comparing it to what is known today to postulate whether it now sheds 'new light through old windows of knowledge'.

Please email any ideas, queries or comments to relevant email address on our email page. If you would like to build a link from your site to Mystical World Wide Web then please feel free to use the HTML programming laid out on on our links page where you will also find a banner and a gif logo, either of which can be downloaded and then placed on your own server. If you do this then email us so that you can be added to list of our data base of supporters.Thank you for visiting and please call back regularly as the site is constantly updated. Why not save us to your favourites folder today? Remember that this site is constantly updated and is for the readers by the readers and so by working in conjunction with the team, it is what you make it.

Mystical Regards

May your God/beliefs go with you

The Mystic