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Chirbury. Mitchell's Fold
This stone circle is ruined but recognisable. It is a flattened circle and measures 28.4 by 25.9 metres in diameter. It is reported to have consisted of 16 stones but only 10 are still standing. The tallest is 1.85 metres high. The stones are irregularly placed which draws the conclusion that there may have been many more, 70 metres to the SW stands a cairn with an outlying block of stone, locally referred to as 'The Altar'.

Clun. Pen Y Wern Hill, Stone circle
This stone circle is of uncertain status and has outlying stones. The circle measure 27.4 metres in diameter and is shown as a cairn on maps.

Chirbury. "Hoar Stone" circle, Black Marsh or Henford
This flattened circle measures 23.2 by 19.8 metres in diameter and is constructed on a dry island amidst boggy peat land. Sometimes called Black Marsh or Henford. Consisting of 38 stones standing less than 1 metre high except for a central stone which measures just 1 metre high. Within the circle there are larger gaps at the NE and SW. It is thought that the circle was intentionally aligned to the peeks of 2 large hills of Broomlow Callow, Stipper Stones and Corndon. It is dated to around 2200-1400 BC.

This stone circle is now unrecognisable and has no reported measurements or description. Does not appear on maps.