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This site is reported as ruined but recognisable no measurements or descriptions are recorded. Does not appear on maps.

Redesdale. Three Kings
This stone circle stands in Redesdale forest and measures 3.4 metres in diameter and reported to consist of 4 stones.

Hethpool. Newton Tors
This stone circle is almost U-Shaped in design and consists of 8 upright stones. The maximum internal width is 60.6 metres. There are 3 further stones standing to the NE of this circle which may have originally been part of the complex. It is dated to around 2200-1400 BC. Does not appear on O/S maps.

Duddo. Duddo Four Stones
Checkout difference of five not four stones, anyone?
This stone circle measures 9.8 metres in diameter. Five stones now remain, one of which has possible cup marks, it is believed there were more stones. The heights of the surviving stones are between 1.5 metres and 2.2 metres and of local sandstone. The circle is thought to date to around 2200-1400 BC.

Although ruined it is still recognisable. Does not appear on O/S maps.

Ilderton. Nr Threestone Burn House
This oval stone ring measures 36 metres by 29.3 metres and was made up of 13 stones of which only 5 remain. The tallest stone measures 1.7 metres high and can be found on the North side. Excavation in the 19th Century discovered charcoal in the centre of the ring suggesting that it was used for funeral fires or ritualistic fires. The site is thought to date to around 2200-1400 BC.

Dunmore Hill
Could not find any more information and does not appear on O/S maps.

Doddington Moor. Al so known as Dodd Law Camps
This area is a Bronze Age settlement, the site has numerous banked areas and many stones standing in the area. It is reported as a plain ring measuring 12.2 metres in diameter. Many of the stones in the area have cup and ring marks on them the carvings of which are reported date to around 2200-1400 BC.

Cartington. Stone Circle, 91 Metres East of Cartington Castle, Rothbury
This is a small stone circle with a measurement of 4.5 metres in diameter and consisting of 8 stones. When excavated the centre was found to contain a cremation in a hollow 50cm square. This site is shown as cairns on O/S maps.

Ridley Common
This site is ruined but recognisable and is thought to be a plain ring although there are no recorded measurements and it does not appear on maps.

Simonburn. Nr Kings Crag
The circle measures 9 metres in diameter and consists of 4 stones which are equally spaced and face the centre. The stone on the East has a flat top with a group of 13 cup markings on it. In the centre of the circle the ground is slightly raised which suggests that it may have been a burial site. The circle is dated to around 2200-1400 BC.