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The Easter Hare

Traditionally German children are told that it is the Easter hare that lays all the Easter eggs. In order for the Easter hare to come to the house with the eggs, the children are encouraged to make a soup from green leaves specially for the hare. Without it, the Easter hare will not come into the garden and build the special egg nests needed. The Easter hare is believed to colour the eggs, making the dyes by lighting
little bonfires and heating water with flowers and grasses. The luckiest child is the one that receives an Easter hare's egg that hatches to find that inside there is a baby bird with the head of a hare. As you might expect it is very rare that these type of eggs are found. If the child has been naughty it is likely that the child will find nothing but hare droppings in the nest! Thankfully some people will say, most children find the more modern form of Easter eggs made of sweet chocolate when they go search in the garden.

Hares lay eggs?
There is a legend that suggests that the hare was thought to lay eggs and most people would find this idea absurd, but it is believed that this idea stems from the fact that a bird known as a 'Plover' (See Mystical WWW Mystic’s Menagerie : Birds) would often make a nest on the ground near to a hare's form. If, for some reason, the hare deserted the form, it is known that the plover will hijack the form and lay eggs in comfort. Perhaps this is how the legend came to be.