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King Arthur and Stonehenge (See also Stone Circles) is another legend developed by the twelfth-century writer 'Geoffrey of Monmouth' (See Geoffrey of Monmouth) in his work entitled the 'History of the Kings of Britain'.

We are told 'Merlin' (See Merlin) brought the stones to Salisbury Plain from Ireland after a massacre of 460 British noblemen by the treacherous Saxon leader 'Hengist' in the fifth-century. 'King Aurelius Ambrosius' (See Aurelius) wanted a monument to all the dead men. Merlin suggested the moving of the Giant's Ring Stone Circle (Ireland) to Britain. Yet Monmouth informs us that the stones were originally brought to Ireland from Africa by giants and located on Mount Killaraus where they were used at the site for performing rituals and healing.

'King Uther' (See Uther Pendragon) along with his men and Merlin arrived in Ireland but did not have the strength to move the collection of huge stones. Merlin interceded and used his magical arts to manoeuvre the stones, and then they were shipped back to Britain. The stones were then reassembled again into a great circle around the mass grave of the noblemen. We are also informed by Monmouth that Aurelius, Uther and Arthur's successor, Constantine were later also buried there.