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Glastonbury Town

This is probably one of the most famous, if not the most famous, mystical sites in the world. It has connections with King Arthur (Arthurian legend), Joseph of Arimathea, Glastonbury Tor, The Abbey, Glastonbury Zodiac, the intersection of Ley Lines and Earth Energy Lines to name but a few.
As well as many pilgrims and holiday visitors from around the world, Glastonbury also has a large concentration of people with alternative beliefs. The town itself is reported to have been surrounded by marshland/water possibly dating to around the third or fourth-century BC. Because of this marshland, it is argued by many, that this must be the mythical place known in Arthurian Lore as 'The Isle of Avalon' (See Avalon).

At the bottom end of the High Street is the entrance to 'Glastonbury Abbey' (See Abbey). According to legend, 'Arthur' (See Arthur) and 'Guinevere' (See Guinevere) are said to be buried within the Abbey grounds. Although it is now believed by many to have been nothing more than a monastic hoax.

The town itself offers an inspiring eclectic mix of New Age/Alternative shops and stalls covering everything from Crystal Healing to Christianity and is a must for anyone who claims to be remotely interested in the Mystical/Religious World. Although it first glance it may appear a small town (approx. population 8,000) it is packed full of history and interest. The high street can be covered by foot from one end to the other in approximately 15 minutes although if you actually wish to fully explore every shop with a mystical angle then you can spend a good full day exploring them, along with the Tor, Abbey, 'Chalice Well' and other sites in or around the town. Car park prices are very reasonable, some are discretely tucked away in the back streets, so do look out for the signs. We can highly recommend some of the specialist shops and arcades there are also many lectures, seminars and exhibitions in the halls within the town throughout the year.

Glastonbury was also a popular retreat of the famous occultist, 'Dion Fortune' (See Dion Fortune) who spent the second half of her life in a house near the base of the Tor.

Glastonbury is also very famous for 'The Glastonbury Festival', which is more than just a music festival but based just outside the town itself in the village of Pilton.

As stated earlier, the town is a must for anyone remotely interested in the mystical and/or religious world as the two exist side-by-side in an atmosphere that is totally unique to Glastonbury itself. Allow some time in the area to really appreciate this fascinating town of myth, legend and history.

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