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Nature in general, responds to numbers. Every aspect of our lives, and the lives of everything around us follows a similar numeric pattern which can be interpreted to determine what your path is in this life, how you are to achieve it, when specific cycles of your life begin and end, and with whom you will be most compatible. The accuracy of Numerology Science is amazing in it's depth of detail and comparable to an Astrological Reading in it's overall completeness. Numerology Readings are used as a companion to an Astrological Reading. Advanced, Professional Numerology Readings can be up to 40 or 50 pages in length and can be used as a tool for refining the unique individual personality of each person.

The basic principles of Numerology indicate that every number in your birthdate, and every letter in your name (which is converted into a number) hold a specific vibration. Each number is assigned certain characteristics, values, and a male or female aspect based on ancient interpretation. Analysis of these numbers provides insights into many different aspects of your life. This enhanced self knowledge allows you to own your strengths and work with them, and to acknowledge your weaknesses. This knowledge can help you free yourself from projected limitations and direct you toward self knowledge and most importantly self empowerment.

Many of the Numerological principles are based on the Hebrew Kabbalah and the ancient Judaic system of giving values to letters which is also known as Gematria. Early alphabetic systems did not have numbers for counting but instead relied on the numbers that were assigned to each letter. Eventually the numeric values of words were calculated and interpreted to show that words of the same number value also held similar energetic qualities. This same system when applied to names and birthdates helps the professional numerologist to determine very specific aspects of each individual person including their personality, achievements, striking qualities, limitations, ideals, desires, influences, will, and personal yearly and monthly cycles in this lifetime.

The most common form of Modern Numerology that is practiced today is based on the Pythagorean system. This system uses the principles that were taught by Pythagoras in his Mystery Schools of Crotona which was founded in 529BC. This method assigns a specific number value to each letter in the alphabet. By adding these number values together and reducing them to a root value from 1-9, or 11, 22 (which are known as master numbers), you can determine the numeric value for the name. Specific values are calculated for the vowels, the consonants and for the entire name to indicate desires, appearances, and self-expression in that order. The date of birth can be reduced to indicate the Foundation, or Life Path of each individual which represents the true nature of the personality in this lifetime including the purpose of this life, the traits that you have which will help you attain your goals, non-productive qualities which can be worked on, and potential vocations that are in tune with what you are to accomplish.

The frequency of each letter (numeric value) can be used to determine which qualities are most active, and those which are missing from your name. Since your name is spoken and heard every day - it is easy to see that the energies and vibrations of the sounds in your name will eventually help to form your own unique personality. By becoming aware of which qualities you have more of, and those which you may lack, you will empower yourself to the self-knowledge needed to form a more complete person. By studying the Numerological charts of others you can quickly come to recognize traits and methods to ease your daily interaction and find better ways to relate to others.
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