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Long Compton. "Rollright Stones" with their Whispering Knights
This area has a collection of stones in the vicinity consisting of the following:-
The Rollright stones measure 31.6 metres in diameter with outlying stones. This is a fine example of a stone circle and well worth visiting. This circle is also known as the King's Men and contains about 77 blocks of Gnarled weathered limestone.

73 metres NE of this circle stands a single stone 2.4 metres high and 1.4 metres wide and is called the King Stone.

360 metres E.S.E are the ruins of a burial chamber which is called the Whispering Knights. According to Folklore the Rollright stones are a King and his army who were turned to stone by a witch, the Knights being petrified whilst plotting in the distance. This circle is thought to date to around the second millennium BC.

According to legend, the Rollright Stones are said to go down hill and drink at a spring on New Years Day. This particular stone circle is mentioned heavily over the years as a place for Witchcraft worship although over recent years it is now less used as it has become a tourist attraction and located close to a fairly busy main road.

Devil's Quoits.
This stone circle is now destroyed but was classed as a circle henge and had a recorded measurement of 85.3 metres by 76.2 metres in diameter.